Monday, May 16, 2005


Greetings to Team 03-05

Welcome to the third eight-week cycle of Calvary's boot camp. We are glad you have decided to join us.

Newcomers - What to Expect

Boot camp is an intense workout. It will be challenging but rewarding. There will be periods during the cycle where you will wonder why or how you got into such a pickle. At times, you will want to quit but your fellow classmates will not let you. They will encourage you and hold you accountable. What you get out of boot camp will depend on your consistency and commitment.

Expect to get dirty, wet, and sweaty. You will be required to get on the ground regardless of whether you're on the soccer field, in the parking lot, or in the gym.

Expect the T.A.C. officers to push you to your physical and mental limits and then some more. Expect to be picked on a little. They may single you out by name and correct you in front of others. Remember though, everyone will be picked on at some point in time so you are not being treated unfairly.

You will be exposed to some new terms and concepts over the next few weeks. The T.A.C. officers will introduce them during the session and they will be expanded upon here. Please visit regularly to get further insight. There just isn't enough time to go over everything in detail during a session.

Repeat Customers - What, Are You Guys Crazy?

There will be some subtle changes in this cycle compared to previous cycles.

Your actions or inactions will have direct consequences for others. We are implementing a much more stringent accountability system. You will be assigned an accountability partner. If you choose to not attend, your accountability partner will be called upon to perform extra work on your behalf. If you do not inform your accountability partner and a T.A.C. officer of your whereabouts, your accountability partner will be required to perform even more work on your behalf.

The water break policy is changing. You are encouraged to bring water but you will only be allowed to drink at designated times. Impromptu water breaks will not be allowed. Make sure to hydrate before coming to mitigate thirst.

We will start each session in closed ranks. We will be required to open ranks and then extend to the left for stretching and warmup. Remember to form four ranks. Help the newcomers find their appropriate places quickly.

Spiritual Fire and Movement

Fire and movement is a simple, yet important, military concept. The basic idea is to unload as much firepower as possible toward your adversary, forcing him to take evasive action or otherwise inhibit his ability to return fire while your team members move to out flank or overrun them.

Fire and movement is one tactic used by Satan. He constanty fires crises at us so that we are perpetually handling the urgent but not the important. This is what some time management consultants refer to as the "tyranny of the urgent."

So how do you discern what is important? Rick Warren gives a good answer in The Purpose Driven Life. In the chapter named "What Matters Most", he puts forth the idea that relationships, first with God and then with others, are the most important things in life. As Rick says, "Life without love is worthless."

Please think about your relationship with God. Is it what is should be? How is your relationship with your spouse? Your children?, Your parents? Your co-workers? How are you influencing them? Is your influence good or bad? Are you giving relationships the priority they deserve?

God bless!
Bob Hines

Bob...great job...see you soon!

John K
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