Monday, January 10, 2005


Welcome Team 01-05

Welcome to the Calvary Now Boot Camp!

Wow. The first day was hard, as always. Some of you are probably thinking, "What have I gotten into?" and some are saying, "There's no way I can keep this up." I know I had these thoughts and some worse (but I won't repeat them here). But I want to encourage you to stick with us.

When I started the first cycle last fall, I was in very bad shape. I couldn't run two times around the soccer field, much less two miles. I could do less than twenty situps and a little over 30 pushups. I have now lost over 10 lbs, can do 40+ situps and pushups, and can run 1.5 miles without stopping (if there aren't too many hills). My big accomplishment was running my first 5k (3.2 mile) race (The Mistletoe Run) with the group before Christmas. I even notice improvement in the little things; I can climb a flight of stairs and not breath hard, I sleep deeper at night (and day - sometimes), and my 17 yr. old daughter said she noticed I had slimmed down.

During the course, Frank and the other TAC officers will ask us to make certain decisions as a group. Because of tight schedules, we will have limited time to discuss and debate the issues as a group. I set up this blog to facilitate and enable communications between team members so that all voices and opinions can be heard.

To enable constructive and positive communication, I would like to suggest we follow the following protocol:

1. Keep all comments positive. We will all be challenged. We are to encourage each other.

2. Keep all comment brief and to the point.

3. Don't exchange personal information here. Exchange names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. in person, through direct e-mail, or over the phone.

Again, welcome to the team!

God Bless,
Bob Hines

after getting through the process of setting up an account I am now able to BLOG!!!!!!!!
I agree with Bob about the comments and want to start by thanking Bob for his proactive approach to getting us started.
be ready on wed to fill out a short bio on yourself and we will add a "before" pic to the profile and send out an email to all to help you get to know each other
at the end of the cycle we will add an after pic and keep a running directory of the camp
we need to identify our group and I have no problem with using Dawnbusters II for the group and just using Dawnbusters in our candences and at the end of Mind, Body, Spirit! (for the new group you will quickly find out what that is!)
see you on wed
Thanks for setting this up, Bob. This is great for us to communicate and encourage each other.
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