Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Looking Our Best At 0600

Here's the gang looking their best in the morning.

Click to see larger version.

See, some of us can do exercise in our sleep!

Physical Training Manual Answers

Here are the answers to the Army Physical Training Manual questions:

What are the three stages of physical conditioning?

1. Toughening (hint: You wouldn't want you steak to be this)

2. Slow improvement (hint: What turtles are but rabbits aren't)

3. Sustaining stages (hint: One of the things Jesus does for us)

What are the three phases of fitness conditioning?

1. Preparatory (hint: The P in AP courses)

2. Conditioning (hint: Air)

3. Maintenance (hint: This keeps your car operating properly)

What are the three periods of a normal daily exercise routine?

1. Warm-up (hint: What you want it to do when it's cold outside)

2. Conditioning (hint: Something that your house has for air)

3. Cool-down (hint: What you want it to do when it's hot outside)

What are two components of Muscular fitness?

1. Muscular strength (hint: Determines how much)

2. Muscular endurance (hint: Determines how long)

How did you do?

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