Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Day Zero & Some Blogging Instructions

Day 0 - Good job everyone!

The two mile run is a huge challenge. Please don’t be discouraged. When we started the first cycle, very few of us could run it, much less run it in a short period of time.

Some Brief Blogging Instructions

You obviously know how to get to this blog if you are reading this. If you wish to comment on a posting, click on the gold “comment” link below it. A new web page will be displayed where you to can enter your comment. I have enabled anonymous commenting for this blog so you no longer have to create an account on to leave a comment. (Sorry Doug, I just figuring out how to blog too!)

Team Name

Okay gang, let’s start thinking about team names. As you have already heard, last cycle’s team chose the name “Dawn-Busters”. You may like the name but I believe there are some very creative people on the current team who might have some original ideas. So let’s hear from you!

Just a few guidelines though:

* Try to keep the team name to two syllables and with hard sounds as these make it easier to use in our running cadences.

* Give serious thought to the message you would like the name to communicate. It should be something that people can identify with and/or rally around.

Looking Ahead to Day 1

Friday morning we will dive in the deep end. As you go through a session, please remember that Frank’s and the TAC officers’ jobs are to push us to our limits. Don’t be easily discouraged if you can’t do what they are asking. Do as much as you can for as long as you can. Everyone will fail! Expect it.

Don’t compare yourself to others. As large as the team is, there will obviously be different conditioning levels. Compete with yourself instead. For example, if you do twenty pushups in a session, try to do twenty-five the next session.

When you see someone struggling, give them words of encouragement. That is a key benefit to doing this as a team. I know that I couldn't nor wouldn't do near what I do if I didn't have the team.

Remember, if you injure yourself, let a TAC officer know immediately. They are very ingenious and will find an alternative activity for you.

God Bless
Bob Hines

Thanks, Bob! Great Idea
To clarify the commenting process...

After you click on the gold "comments" link, you will be presented with a new version of the blog page with comments shown. On this page there will be an orange "Post a Comment Link". Click it to get the comment login web page. To leave an anonymous comment, click on the blue "Or Post Anonymously" link. You could also create a account if you wanted to but it's not necessary.

Dawn Busters was to be the name of the Boot Camp that we'd all use. but as Frank suggested, if the new class wants to have it's own name, that would be fine also. Maybe Frank will clarify this on Friday.
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