Friday, January 14, 2005


Day 1 Recap, Team Name, & "The Grill"

1 Week down; 7 more to go!

I think you will be surprised at how quickly the next 7 weeks will go by, especially considering how slowly time passes while in the "front-leaning rest position."

Great job during the arm exercises! The clapping really helps to keep people together and inspires us to keep up. It's funny how heavy you arms can get just raising them over your head, and raising them, and raising them, and raising them...

I'm sure everyone will come to love the phrase "six-inches" over the next few weeks too!

Thanks Katherine for the devotional.

Clearing the Muddy Water Around the Team Name

I apologize for confusing the issue regarding the team name. I spoke with Frank after this morning's session to seek clarification.

If I understand Frank correctly, the first class (01-04) established their class name to be "Dawn-Busters". In addition, they established the name of the 0600 to 0700 hours session to be the same - "Dawn-Busters."

Like the former class, we are charged with creating a name for this class (01-05). To avoid confusion, I will always refer to it as the class name, not the team name.

When and if an evening session is added, the participants will be charged with establishing a name for the session (e.g., "Dusk-Busters") and for their class.

"The Grill"

For those interested, there is an optional 30 minute session before the 0600 to 0700 session called "The Grill". "The Grill" is officially held on Wednesdays only and unofficially on Mondays and Fridays.

Those who wish to participate should be ready to go at 0530 sharp so that it can be completed in time for "Dawn-Busters." Arrive early enough to stretch individually.

Unless directed otherwise by a TAC officer, the unofficial "Grill" will consist of either a 1.5 mile or a 2.0 mile run. The official "Grill" will vary according to Frank's whim.

Quick Note on Commenting

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Please check out the links on the left. There are links for Calvary's official web site, the weather, WXII12 closing postings, the rules of engagement, etc.

Monday, I will be out Bob H. and Chris M. will run with those inclined to run @ 5:30am. Check with Frank about Wednesday as I will be in Beaufort, SC picking up my Marine son.

Keep on working hard!
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