Sunday, January 16, 2005


BMI Chart, Diet, & Community Service Opportunity

Good Sunday Afternoon to everyone!

BMI Chart

Attached for your reference is a BMI Chart (Body Mass Index). [See the link on the left.] So often we sort of cheat ourselves on what we actually weigh. This chart gives you the option of cheating on your height also. :) It’s pretty self-explanatory, essentially enter the chart at your height. If you are an in between, than drop down an inch vs. adding an inch, then cross the chart over to your weight. This will tell you what your BMI is and where you should be ideally.


A reminder, while we are not preparing a strict diet plan for everyone, if you would like some diet recommendations, please see me offline and we can review what you are currently doing and give you some tips on what you might want to change to. If you are fighting hunger twangs,… there are some low-carb options out there that I can share with you, ...and just a bite to get away from the desire to eat, ...or just try drinking a glass of water. This time of year especially requires lot’s of water because of the dry air and you need to stay plentifully hydrated with the tough workouts ahead.

Revised Rules of Engagement

I have also attached another copy of the Rules of Engagement with a couple of revisions. [See link on left.] One revision provides clarification on appropriate attire for workouts.

Community Service Opportunity

Lastly we have a community service project that has been posed to us by the American Legion. It would be a work day where you would have the opportunity to experience some of what off-duty military experience is about. The local American Legion, Post 55, needs their meeting hall floors stripped and waxed. I am working with a gentleman over there that coordinates community service work and it would be an opportunity to work hand in hand with some folks that have been required to do some community service work, while getting in some military clean-up, and mission exposure. The date is Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at the Legion off of Miller Street. If you would be interested in participating, this is voluntary mission activity, but your assistance would be highly appreciated with an opportunity to outreach to others. Please RSVP by January 21st so I can get the work roster and duties prepared and assigned for us on the 29th.

In HIS Grip!!!!


This information is good and the blog is a great format!
On Sunday, I purchased some very good Champion sweat pants (of course they were dark blue, black, light gray and dark gray per our rules of engagement) at the Hanes Outlet Store on Stratford Road. They have all sizes and you can get sweat shirts and sweat pants -- two for $12.00 (i.e., one pant and one shirt or two pants or two shirts). They are located straight back from the cash registers, to the rear of the store at the very beginning of the sports/exercise clothes. They are very good quality and you cannot beat the price.

Derwood R.

Here is an idea for the 01-05's class name....

How about "Calvary Pride"

Calvary for: the church that sponsors this opportunity and the place where Jesus gave his life for us!

Pride for: being proud to believe in Jesus and being like a company of fierce lions serious about getting fit and doing our best for God.

John K.
When making suggestions for the class name, please address your comments to your classmates as they are the ones who will make the choice. Frank will have nothing to do with the choice other than to charge us with the task.

Bob Hines
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